hi, I’m Karin Taliga

A performing artist, web developer, speaker and multipotentialite based in Sweden. Invistruct is a platform from which I work, create and generally make things.

Most of the things we find attractive in life are based on some kind of structure. Usually the best things are where the structure is hidden, melting into the background and acting as a support. The only thing we see is the content, idea or the message.

I enjoy working on these hidden structures – whether in code, business development, strategic planning or any other medium. The ultimate goal is when my work remains unnoticed in the background, and the structure becomes the foundation for your success.

currently on sabbatical

NOTE: I am currently not available for work. I am on a sabbatical break where I reassess my life and business goals.

But you are welcome to drop me a line if you want to get in touch. I am always happy to discuss possibilities for future projects.