Hello, I'm Karin Taliga

This is where I publish my thoughts around life and work as a developer.

Software Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Web Developer, Full stack developer, Lead developer, Technical Area Responsible for UX – I’ve had many hats since my first WordPress website in 2006 (yes, I’m that old).

As a coder, I work with the LAMP stack (mainly Laravel) and open source tools to build systems with an emphasis on security and maintainability.

As a DevOps engineer, I work on the developer experience. Setting up CI/CD workflows is merely the technical part, but the big question concerns people and ways of working.

I don’t accept freelance projects right now, but I do consulting work through my employer.

I’m also a public speaker on both tech topics and topics related to personal growth and productivity. Feel free to reach out on Linkedin if you want me to come and speak at your event.